Laszlo from Germany 4 months old


23 sept. 2007, 17 weeks old, Sarah junior went to her first show in the babyclass. She did very well and showed like a professional. She received the following critique from judge  Mrs  Geoghegan:

Beautiful 4 month old black puppy in super condition for age,

lovely head &   expression, lovely reach of neck.

super front deep ribcage

level topline, into an excellent ottertail.

 very promising  3


and sister Nina


Kjell [Twinkies brother] and Morris Sarah x Wilson



Here are some photo's of Robin and his sisters [Nicky and Floor] out of the combination Sarah and Waifin's Wing and a Prayer to give you an idea how that litter is turning out. They are almost 2 years old. Lulu from France just won 2 shows. They all love to work and Robin may turn out to be the best worker I have had.





Both sisters





Photo's of  Jolie x Wilson puppies











ROBIN 6   months old




This is NICKY, Robins sister  


This is LULU from France  7 months  old.


Lulu 13 months old