september 1

Nessa had her puppies today. We have 2 black boys and 5 black girls. They are doing very well and we are very proud of Nessa!


July 4 2014

Yesterday Nessa was mated to CH Baileydale Parker. We are really looking forward to this litter from this very promising combination! We are expecting the litter to be born in the first week of september. All the puppies will be black!

May 16

Last Sunday I organized a puppyparty for all the Black Charm [Bibi] puppies and all 12 came to the party. It was a lovely motherday surprise for Bieb to welcome all her puppies. The oldest are already 2 1/2 years old and the youngest are 7 months old. Even Morris from Belium came and Emma all the way from Switzerland! In spite of the weather we had a lovely day and a lot of fun and so did the dogs! We did some hunting retrieves and obedience and I was very proud of them all how clever they are and even the 7 month old puppies did very well. They are very even looking bunch too; full of typ and quality. Some were out of coat, but that can be expected at this time of year. And most important of all; everybody loves their dog and is really very happy with them. At the end of the day we had a pot luck supper. Everybody contributed with the most delicious things to eat and drink. Thank you everybody for making this day such a succes!!!!!

For a nice impression of this wonderful day Nelly took many super pictures and these can be seen on:


Oktober 11

Black Charms [Bibi] litter has been born. We have 4 black girls and 1 black boy! Mother and babies are doing fine!

Photo's of this litter can be seen on this site under nestontwikkelingen and



August 3

Black Charm has been mated and we hope to have an all black litter in October. 


June 9 2013

I just had to let poor Charlie, Mallorn's Aldebaran go. He was getting very weak behind and this morning he couldn't get up anymore. This had already been going on for a few weeks and with prednisone he could still move around  a bit and enjoy life, but this morning he seemed paralyzed behind. So it was the end of the road for him.
He was almost 13 years old and he has had a great life. He loved showing and became a champion in 2 countries and twice reserve worldwinner!
His progeny is spread all around the world and in them he will live on!


R.I.P Charlie September 22 2000 - June 9 2013



December 12


Today I received a nice surprise; The workingcertificate for Bieb [Withara's Black Charm]. Thank you Christa  for organising this test and that we could come.




August 15

Today I received such a nice email from America from somebody who owns a Charlie son that I wanted to share. A lot of breeders are counting the champion offspring from their studdogs to express how succesfull their dog has been[and Charlie has procuced his share of champion offspring], but in my view this son of Charlie, who has been retired from stud for some years now, is just as succesfull or more so than the champions;

Dear Withara,

We wanted you to know what a wonderful dog you have given us in Rockstar, Charlie's son, from Kathy Besser, born April 20, 2005. 

We have named him Cash, in  honor of Johnny Cash, a country western singer who wore only black.

Cash is wonderful companion. He goes with Wes everywhere-business meetings, shopping, to the ocean, swimming in rivers, on airplanes, etc., and has become his service dog helping with some post traumatic stress issues that are not huge for Wes, but present. Cash is so intuitive, he can tell Wes when things are not right. 

And Cash is truly a Rockstar. Everywhere he goes people stop, ask to pet him, and take pictures. People will stop us throughout San Diego (population 2 million) and say they recognize him. Not us of course, but him. Chinese tourists in Las Vegas and San Diego gather around and take tens of pictures of him. He goes to huge conferences with Wes, and the attendees stop in the aisles and ask if they can take a picture of him. It is truly amazing, much, much different than any other dog we have owned.

Best wishes, and thank you for rearing such amazing dogs; the term breeding doesn't seem to do you justice,



PS. And yes, like his dad, he loves bread, more than chicken.

June 5


Tristan – Withara’s Black Knight -  finished his Championship. He is now also German Champion


Tristan trägt nun folgende Titel:





DRC-Clubjugendsieger 2009

VDH-Jugendsieger Leipzig 2009



May 6


Withara's Black Charm 

won the open class specialty Utrecht LKN

Very nice black bitch, nice feminine head and expression, nice clean lines, very good shoulder and topline, excellent tail, well turned stifle and well set down hocks, very good coat.


Daughter  Izzie 5 mnd  2e in the Baby class

Fraai rasbeeld en prima geslachtstype; Goede hals/rugbelijning. Mooi vrouwelijk hoofd met goede expressie, schaargebit, prima oor, goede hals. Prima voorborst. reeds goed ontwikkelde ribben partij. Goed gehoekt voor en achter. prima staartaanzet en actie. Beweegt met goede paslengte maar moet in alles nog veel vaster worden. Prima vacht, prima temperament.



 March 26

Izzie 15 weeks old; first show training


This page will be updated on a very regular basis to inform how things are going on with the Withara gang.



Winter in Holland. This morning it was -23 !!


January 31


All the puppies have left for their new home and everybody is very happy with their new puppy. Izzie is going to stay with me:




December 10

Bieb had her puppies yesterday night. All went very well and she has had 7 black puppies. 3 males and 4 bitches. she is a natural mom and we are very proud of her!! for more photo's please go to nestontwikkelingen  [in Dutch]




October 12

Bieb has been mated to CH Creekwater Surf Scoter. I hope to have an all-black litter around December 12. For further information please go to the puppypage.

Today Nov 7 we made an ultrasound and we saw at least 6 puppies!


July 18

We made some photo's of the pack



Sammie-Charlie en Twinks 

 Twinkie-Sammie-Bieb-Robin-Charlie en Pepper [12]   



Robin                                                    Sammie


June 5


Bibi   Withara's Black Charm is almost 3 years old now. Time for new photo's

  Withara's Black Charm


March 10 

I just received results from Crufts:

Special Working Gundog - Bitch
Entries: 8 Abs: 1

Nicky won her class!  Congratualations!


March 2 

Today I received such a nice email from Tamara Bütner from Germany. She had a litter from her bitch  Louise x Robin. From this combination  she kept August. This is what she writes about him:

Today we made some new photos from August. Next week he will be 6 months old. As today is the very seldom sunshine, we didn't wait. I'm very pleased with him, his temperament is so nice. At school he is doing so well, as he is very easy to handle! 

August  6 months old   [Robin x Ginostra's Bang up Louise]


November 28

Robins son  Naturally Nosy Higgins has  become a Swedish Champion at just 2 years old. Higgins has already sired some lovely offspring


Some photos of Robins training. Here he is marking a dummy that has fallen behind a high wall.


September 5

Today we went to the Labrador specialty in Utrecht from the LKN. We had a wonderfull day and did very well:

Bieb was third in the Openclass. Charlie [Mallorn's Aldebaran] who is almost 10 now was Best Veteran with a wonderfull critique from Margeret Brown:

Such a well Balanced black. Excels in outline. Has all the atributes the standard requires. In excellent coat and condition. Moved soundly. Still has great enthousiam for the showring. Only shows his age in his teeth, but this is a true quality dog.

Bibi's sister  Zara won the Open class and later on the CAC and BOB!! Bibi and Zara come from the combination: Ch. Thanks A Lot de La Légende de La Loutre  x Withara's Sarahs from Paradise 


This is what it is all about for me; on the first photo Zara just won BOB at the Dutch Specialty in Utrecht and on the second she is a lovely working dog



August 2 

Moonlight des Bords de la Vesgre 
 December 2nd, 1996 - August 2 2010

May you rest in peace Jamie!


June 24


Floors litter has been born. There are 5 girls in the litter and 1 boy.


June 2

Withara's Sarah's Smashing Nicky  [Robin's sister] received confirmation today from the FCI that she is now an International champion. Thus proving that a showdog can also work very well. Congratulations!




March  15


We took some new photo's after training of Bibi and Robin.


Bibi daughter of Black x Floor


Robin 4 years old

These photo's were taken right after swimming. He is in full coat now; that is why his coat is a bit wavy.


November 30



These are Robin puppies who live in New Zeeland with Southerly Labradors. There were 9 puppies in this litter and I'm very happy to hear that the breeder Pat is very pleased with this litter.

I'm so glad for all the effort of exporting and importing frozen semen to New Zeeland and I hope that they will grow up to be healthy beautifull good working Labradors and do their father proud. Exciting idea Robin puppies on the other side of the world. Another [big] Robin litter is expected soon in New Zeeland.


  November 12

  Charlie 9 years old

Hurray for Charlie!

And I just received good news from Spain that  MIA - BELQUEST MIAMI AT KOWALSKI who came for a visit all the way from Spain is going to have a litter from Charlie in a few weeks. She had to come here for the mating as I can't send Charlies semen anymore. He is an older dog and where as his semen looks fine under the microscoop here and he still produces good sized litters when he mates the bitches at home. But when I send his chilled semen  abroad, it is no good anymore.

Robin has produced a lovely litter  [8 puppies] in New Zealand at Southerly labradors. They are 6 weeks now and Pat is very pleased with them indeed! Jan Wallace in New Zealand is also expecting a good sized litter from Robin. 

November 11

Bibi [Withara's Black Charm]  passed her Jugend prüfung in Germany a few days after winning a second place in a strong junior class at the Int. show in Bleiswijk. Like her uncle Robin she is a true dual purpose dog!


November 7

I haven't been to many shows this year; I was busier training and going to hunttrails and huntingtests. But today we went to the Int. show in Bleiswijk. Bibi [Withara's Black Charm] was second in a very strong juniorclasse and her mother Floor won the Openclasse and also went Best Bitch CAC/CACIB and BOS.

October 10

Robin passed his second MAP huntingtest. A week later his third.

September 29

Twinkie has been mated. If all goes well puppies are expected at the end of November. For more information see litters.

September 26

Today Charlie won his last point for the Dutch Veteran Championship. He is now 9 years old. He was also second best Veteran in show.  Robin was first in his class.

September 21

I just received some very exciting news from America: Charlies Canadian son: 

CAN CH. Waifin's Fly Cabot to Torngat (By)
Hips OFA Good ~ Elbows OFA Normal ~ LR-CA3690/30M/C-VPI Cardiac normal
Optigen A  ~ EIC Clear

for photo's of Cabot, please visit Charlies page and the Wiscoy site    

is visiting Wiscoy's for a while to be shown and bred. Jill told me  that she really loved Charlie when she saw him at the Dutch Specialty last summer when she judged there and when she later met Cabot she was very impressed with him. Cabot made his dog show debut at the Pawcutuk specialty last Thursday and Friday.  On Thursday he was WD, BOW, and BOS for a five point major.  What a great start.  Friday, he was WD, BOW, BISS for his second five point major in two days and his first BISS.  Wow!  Jill will show him next at the Mid Jersey Specialty in OCT.  The judges will be good for him and he has a great chance of finishing.  He is quite the up and coming star.
Leslie Personette bred Cabot. We were very excited with this combination, because I had already done it the other way around. I bred Charlies daughter Sarah to Capers Annies brother. Annie is Cabots mother. I'm still thrilled with my Capers/Sarah litter. Robin is doing so well, in the ring and in the field with such a marvelous temperament. I adore him and he is also proving to be a top class studdog, just as good as his granddad Charlie. His 3 sisters, Lulu in France, Floor and Nicky in Holland have also had their first litters. Lulu's daughter won the bitch CC at the last French specialty and Bibi, Tristan [German junior Champion], Indy and Zara from Floor are also doing wonderfull. Nicky's 6 month old puppies also look very promising indeed.


July 1

I received some lovely photo's from  Sue and Trudy from New Zeeland who were here for a visite. Robin and Twinkie were completly out of coat.

Bibi [10 months]                                                     Charlie

Floor [Bibi's mother, Robin's sister]                                                                     Jolie

Pepper                              in her favorite place



May 25

I received the following email from Finland today:

I have great news for you: my Martta (Mouldhill`s Dark Kiss) completed her FIN CH-title yesterday by winning her last CAC just two days after her 2-year birthday! She has had a great success in shows within these last two months. She has been three times BOB and has won 5 CAC`s. I mated her to Strongline`s Dalwhinnie just two weeks ago so we are hoping nice pups to be born in July. I have entered her also to one cold game test in the beginning of the June and hoping for a good result before her "maternity leave".

Martta is the first daughter of Robin who has finished her championship. She is now a Finnish Champion, a country with many beautiful labradors, so a lot of compitition. Congratulations, we are very proud!


May 17

We did great in Springe, Germany. There was a good entry 85 dogs.  Tristan [Bibi’s brother] was best puppy male and later best puppy in Show. A Robin son  Lindemann's Best Friends Andros was 2e in junior class. Bibi was second in her class and her mother Floor won the Open class and also won Best Bitch in show with the CAC! A Robin daughter Lindemann's Best Friends Anouk won the junior class and the junior CAC. So we had a wonderfull day. In Holland a Robin son won a huge junior class at a show.  


Tristan [son]                                       Floor [mother]

The 2 winners in Springe Germany


April 29

Susanne  van der Jagt from Danmark made these lovely pictures when she came to mate her bitch to Charlie. Thank you very much for these nice photo's. He is 8 ½  years old now and still going strong!




February 19

The registration of Robins DNA profile has arrived. Last year Robin mated a bitch in Belgium. The Belgium Kennelclub has a new rule which I think is very good. All dogs used for breeding must have their DNA profiled and registered with the Kennel Club. When a litter is born at least 1 puppy out of that litter must also have its DNA profiled. This in order to check whether the puppy is indeed from those parents.



October 8

Mouldhills Dark Kiss  [Finland]  HD A  ED 0-0 eyes clear

Lotta sent me this photo today of Robins daughter in Finland. She is seen here winning a big junior class at the Finnish clubshow this year. She and some of her littermates have also been qualified at fieldtrials.  Robin is very proud of his beautifull clever daughter and I congratulate Lotta for breeding such a wonderfull Labrador!

September 14

We had a super day with the Withara clan in Zwolle today! There was a huge entry at this show.

Sarah junior was second in Junior class

Iris was second in Intermediate

Twinkie third in Open class

Nicky first in the Working class

Robin won the Working class, won the CAC/CACIB and later won  Best of Breed

ROBIN                                                   SARAH JUNIOR



June 9

Robin’s German championships titel [VDH] has just arrived.

May 4

 Robin won the Europasieger titel in Dortmund and CAC/CACIB and BOS!!  He is also now a German VDH Champion and only needs 1 point more for the German LCD Championship!!



April 20


It's been a very busy weekend for Robin! Yesterday a long drive and a long day for the Wesenstest and today we went to the International show in Lingen [Germany] Today Robin also did very well and won his class and another point for his VDH Championship and later the Res. CAC/CACIB. He had a lovely critique from judge Dagmar Winter. In between all his busy activities this weekend he also mated a bitch.


April 19

Robin did the Wesenstest in Germany today together with 4 of his kids. They all passed the test. We had a lovely day [a bit cold] and it was a very usefull experience to do this test and Robin loved it. It was very well organized; thank you for taking such good care.


April 14

Jolie has just come in season and will be mated! We are hoping for puppies in June. It will be an all black litter.


Febuary 9

Today has been a wonderful day for this kennel. I went to Germany where I had entered my dogs in Lemgo. Here

ROBIN  won the CAC and Best in Show!!

Black dog, super head and expression, good reach of neck, clean shoulders, good forechest, plenty of bone, good feet, good spring of rib, excellent quarters and second thigh, short hocks, correct turn of stifle, super ottertail, correct double coat, moved with drive and purpose, level topline which he held on the move, true Labrador. Judge:  Richard Stafford [England]

and to make things even more wonderful, I just heard that Iris won the CAC and BOB in Eindhoven!! This is her second CAC from juniorclass. Later she also won the Gundog group!




November 25

Robin was third today at the Winnershow Amsterdam, just as at the Bundesieger, in the Openclass. Next time, in Wijchen, he will come out in the workingclass. Charlie had a lovely day out today. He was 4th in the championclass, but enjoyed all the attention he received from many people a lot! He showed and moved like a young dog.


November 21

Robin's workingcertificate has arrived!

November 4

Iris won the juniorclass today at the CAC/CACIB show in Bleiswijk, then Best bitch and BOB. She was 5th in the Gundoggroup. She is 1 year old. Her mother Jolie was second in the open class.


Iris: CAC, beste teef en BOB                                                   Sarah junior: beste baby

Oktober 20

Robin passed the BringLeistungsPrüfung in Germany with 266 points!! This is an International reconized gundogcertificate with which he can be entered at shows in the workingclasse. He did very well. Jacqueline and I had a wonderfull week with Nicky and Robin in Elze training with Dieter Stefan. Thank you very much Dieter and ofcourse Christa for asking us and organizing the training and the BLP.





3 generations:


June 16 

 vlnr:  Twinkie [2]            Suzie [6]                          Jessie [10]


4 generations:

vlnr:  Robin [22months]  Sarah [5]   Pepper [8]        Jessie [10]



May 28

Sarah and kids are doing fine!

Here you can see where we take the whole gang early every morning for their daily walk together with friends.




February 8

Knuff found herself a new dogbed: Charlie




August 1

Robin loves to work. Here he dives in the water to retrieve

July 29

Charlie is almost 6 years old now and still a great showman!

June 25

Today we had the big annual specialty [ 11 rings, 9 judges and 613 entries] It is the biggest specialty in Europe].
Robin made his debut in Holland, his first big show. He was entered under David Craig in the junior class with 78 entries.
Robin won the class! I was completly thrilled as he was also one of the youngest.
This is the critique he wrote:


Very good quality black in most respects.
Presents an excellent outline standing with strong clean neck set into well placed shoulders.
Good bone, excellent body, topline, hindquarters, coat and tail + tailset.
Moves freely in profile, slightly close behind and slightly wide in front.
To be critical would prefer a slightly darker eye colour
However overall he is a high classy youngster.

Twinkie got an excellent and Jessie my Brodie daughter was second in Veterans behind Maggie her halfsister who won the class.
A gorgeous Charlie son Sven won his huge class [18 to 24 mts]
A  daughter of Charlie Phoebe won the champions class.
and  Otso, Maggies son, won the open class [81 entries]



April 15

This is Robin 7 ½ months old