My love for Labradors began as a child when my father bought a black Labrador puppy who he wanted to use as a gundog. As my father did not have the time to train him and the dog was with me most of the time, I did the training as best as I could. Fortunately, the dog had a lot of natural talent, as I was very inexperienced at that time, but he performed very well. Everybody asked my father to take his dog along when he went shooting.

Years later I bought Powhatan Black Moyola in England. A few years later, I mated her to CH. Ladylands Black Arrow.This proved to be a very succesfull combination. It produced Withara's Bonnie Jean and Withara's Charming Black Gypsy. Jean went BOB at the Dutch National Specialty in Apeldoorn and was a very good gundog as well. She produced Withara's Fair Black Magic who became a German Champion.Gypsy also did very well at the shows and proved to be a very good producer as well. Several of her offspring became champions in Holland and abroad. Some of them did very well at fieldtrials as well. Her daughter Withara's Key to Happiness (German Clubsieger 1995) produced W. Key to Love and W. Key to Harmony with CH Beechcrofts Regal Air. Both did well at shows as well as in the field.

Hazel (Key to Happiness) produced W. Classiques One to Remember in her first litter with my English import dog Copsehill Moonlight Classique. She is one of my favorites together with her daughter W. Brodies One to Cherish (Jessie) by CH Raintree Slippery when Wet. Jessie is a real pleasure to have. She has performed very well at the shows with many wins and always placed and is also a natural hunting dog. She just loves it. Jessie had her first litter by CH Trendmakers Tycoon. This was a very good litter.  I kept a bitch. She is W. Jessies One to Keep (Pepper). Pepper is a great joy to have. She has a wonderfull temperament. She has already done very well at the shows, with lots of wins and placements. She also loves to work and already has got hunting certificates. Jessies had a second litter with CH Tweedledum Crispy Duck. I kept W. Jessies One to Please [Suzie] from this litter. Suzie is a German Junior Champion and also has many huntingcertificates.

Raintree Slippery When Wet (Brodie) has done very well with my line producing wonderfull types with a lot of working ability. I have his son Moonlight des Bords de la Vesgre a French import. He is doing very well at shows and became Bundessieger 1998 at only 18 months. He performs great in the field and has several hunting certificates. He himself is producing the same wonderfull type and temperament as his father. Withara's Brodies Virtues Sunshine is another Brodie daughter out of a Copsehill Moonlight Classique daughter. She is a specialty winning bitch and has produced excellent typy labs. Her son Singing Cowboy was an American Champion before he was 2 years old.

In december 2000 Mallorn's Aldebaran from Finland joined the gang. He started winning straight away, winning his first CC's at his first 3 Int. shows. He finished his Dutch championship in March 2003. Shortly afterwards he also finished his German and VDH Championship. He is really proving to be an exceptional  producer. His progeny can be seen winning in the showring as well as doing very well in the field.                                                                                                                             His first litter with Pepper was a wonderfull litter. I kept one bitch and a male from this litter: Withara's Pepper from Sarah with Love and Withara's Pepper from Andy with Love.  Both have been very succesfull at shows, Sarah is a German and VDH Champion. Both have also produced some wonderfull offspring. His litter with  Suzie produced some wonderfull dualpurpose girls who can been seen on his page under offspring.

From Andy I have Jolie [thanks to Annelie from Hilldreams] and from Sarah's first litter I have Robin and co own Nicky with Jacqueline Hofland. They are still very young but really very promising.

Suzie had a very nice litter with CH Trendmakers Tycoon. I kept a very promising girl from this litter whom I call  Twinkie, Withara's Tycoons Sweatpea.

Robin is proving himself to be a wonderful studdog. He really is passing on his typ. His kids are already winning CAC's at the shows in Holland, Danmark, Sweden, Germany and Finland. Something that he is also really passing on is his workingability. His kids are doing wonderfull at hunttests and even qualifying themselves at fieldtrials. [and this for a "showbred" labrador!]

It has never been easy to breed a good typy labrador with the real Labrador temperament with a lot of will to please and ofcourse a HEALTHY labrador as well; but nowadays it seems even more difficult with the knowledge we  have concerning all the health problems in the breed. The genepool seems to become smaller and smaller. On the other hand, I do find it a challenge to breed healthy sound Labradors who have the quality to win at shows and be usefull huntingcompanions as well.