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Withara's Black Charm [Bieb]  xxxxxxxxxx


Withara's Promise  [Izzie]


Withara's Meadow [Nessa]



Amy [Tututni Arrow]





Met pensioen




Kampioen Withara's Pepper from Sarah with Love

Hilldreams True Love [Jolie]





Withara's Tycoons Sweetpea


Withara's Classiques One to Remember [Ollie]

Withara's Regals Key to Love [Shelley]

Withara's Gypsy's Key to Happiness  [Hazel]


Withara's Brodies
Virtues Sunshine

Withara's Brodies
One to Cherish

Withara's Jessies
One to Keep


Withara's Jessies One to Please [Suzie]