Withara's Black Charm [Bibi]



Born 26 August 2008  

Eyes clear  27-09-2012 Optigen A [normal]   

HD A  ED 0 - 0


KNJV B huntingtest and JP/R [236 pnt] 


Bibi has done exeptionaly well for her young age. This is why she now has her own web page before she is 1 year old and has had her eyes, hips and elbows checked.[ Normally they only get their own page when this is all done] She has been to 3 shows uptill now. As a puppy twice; she was first in the puppyclass at the Int. Show in Leeuwarden; Second  in the puppyclass in Springe Germany. And third in a huge class of 83 young bitches at the specialty in Bennekom, Holland. Her sister was 4 in the same class.

August 8 at only 11 months old, she passed her KNJV B huntingtest with very good marks. She did so well and I was very proud of her. A few months later she passed the JP/R [236 pnt]> This is a junior German huntingtest.



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